Two meticulously crafted and air-conditioned Front Office Laboratories have been purposefully structured to mirror the authentic ambiance of a 5-star hotel lobby. These laboratories serve as practical training grounds where students learn the intricacies of handling guest check-ins, check-outs, and navigating through simulated scenarios presented by experienced instructors. Through hands-on experiences resembling real-life situations, students are adeptly prepared to handle diverse guest requests with proficiency.


Two well-equipped, air-conditioned training restaurants, namely “Saleequa” and “Savour,” play a key role in refining the art of serving techniques Accommodating 40 and 24 covers respectively, both are complemented by training bars to provide hands-on experience to students. These establishments are furnished with silverware, glassware, tableware, gueridon trolleys, and other sophisticated equipment essential for delivering high-quality service.

Operational during lunch hours on a daily basis, students take on various roles such as Managers, Commis, Pantry-In-Charge, Hosts/Hostesses, on a rotating basis, contributing to the dynamic atmosphere. Beyond serving as practical training grounds, these restaurants also serve as venues for small conferences, luncheons, presentations, and interviews, all expertly managed by the students.


In the Basic Training Kitchen, first-year students are initiated into the realm of Culinary Art. They acquaint themselves with diverse kitchen equipment and receive guidance on fundamental cutting techniques. Subsequently, they delve into the fundamentals of Regional, National, and International cuisines. The training of first-year students is conducted in two Basic Training Kitchens (BTKs).


The Quantity Training Kitchen serves as the primary training arena for second-year students, honing their skills in crafting a diverse array of Regional and National Delicacies, alongside a selection of International Cuisines. These two dedicated QTKs efficiently cater to an average of 500 students every day. Equipped with heavy-duty machinery, the kitchen enables bulk cooking, featuring a tandoor for preparing barbecue menu items.


The two Advanced Training Kitchens are exclusively dedicated to 3rd-year students who specialize in the preparation of diverse International Cuisines. These kitchens focus on honing specialized cooking skills. With 20 meticulously equipped workstations featuring modern culinary equipment, each student is provided with ample opportunities to engage in individual practice and refine their culinary expertise.


This specialized facility is a crucial hub for refining students’ confectionery skills, enhancing the dining experience. Serving as a creative space where students master the art of confectionery. With hands-on learning, it fosters creativity and provides a profound understanding, preparing students for success in the culinary arts.


This dedicated cold room is purpose-built for crafting exquisite cold cuts and salads, ensuring precise temperature control to preserve freshness. It stands as a specialized haven for culinary excellence.


We provide an optimal learning environment with 8 smart classrooms featuring advanced amenities. These well-lit, spacious, and air-conditioned facilities are designed to enhance students’ engagement and comfort during theory classes.


We take pride in our sophisticated, state-of-the-art auditorium equipped with cutting-edge technology, accommodating 100 people. This versatile space is a hub for seminars, workshops, events, presentations, and educational video displays. Its elegant design and advanced gadgets create an immersive environment, fostering a rich learning and interactive experience.


Anjuman-I-Islam’s IHM takes pride in its cutting-edge computer laboratories featuring 30 workstations with the latest configurations. These stations are networked through a dedicated server with a gigabit cable network, ensuring swift connectivity at up to 1 GBPS for uninterrupted student access.

The comprehensive curriculum covers generic and hotel management software, including the industry-used PMS package, FIDELIO, found in 5-star hotels. This integration offers students hands-on experience with the latest technological advancements.

To further support student excellence, the college provides broadband internet connectivity, ensuring unfettered access to resources essential for academic success in this high-tech environment.


Anjuman-I-Islam’s IHMCT boasts one of India’s premier libraries in the field of Hotel Management, offering in-depth insights into the hospitality and food service industry.

Housing over 5000 books covering diverse aspects, including cuisine, bakery, and management, the library serves as a knowledge hub. With subscriptions to national and international periodicals, journals, and newspapers, alongside a rich digital media collection and over 500 research reports, the library offers a comprehensive resource.

The librarian’s affiliations with the British Council Library and American Information Resource Centre further enhance students’ research opportunities. The library resource centre actively fosters a reading culture through regular book exhibitions, promoting academic growth for both staff and students. Additionally, a dedicated research cell equipped with 5 computers facilitates student research within their respective fields of interest.