In order to promote lifelong learning and community involvement outside of the traditional academic curriculum, the Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension (DLLE) is an essential center inside educational institutions. Its goals center on enhancing the lives of people from all walks of life, encouraging professional and personal growth, and offering inclusive educational opportunities. The aim of DLLE is
•    To facilitate the pursuit of lifelong learning by providing college students with opportunities for both professional and personal growth.
•    Educating College Students About Civic Engagement And Social Responsibility Through Volunteering, Community Outreach Projects, And Service-Learning Opportunities
•    To Encourage College Students To Seek Knowledge And Skills Throughout Their Lives By Establishing A Culture Of Lifelong Learning.
•   To Add to their academic education a variety of learning opportunities that foster civic engagement, personal development, academic success, and a lifetime commitment to        learning and social responsibility.
•    DLLE engages in the activities such as Voter Registration program, Beach Cleaning Drive, Walk Thru etc.