The Annual Sporting event is organized annually by the Institute of Hospitality Management at Anjuman-I-Islam. The main goal of this event is to foster a spirit of sportsmanship, which is a necessary mindset to face life’s daily obstacles.

  • Annual Sports Day is a 2 day dedicated Intra Collegiate event dedicated for Sports
  • The tremendous array of sporting events offered at this yearly intra-collegiate sporting extravaganza, which includes athletics, shot put, discus throw, long jump, tug of war, and more, encourages participants to be physically active and promotes fitness and a good lifestyle.
  • Through team sports and activities, sports day fosters teamwork, cooperation, and camaraderie among participants, helping to build a sense of unity and community spirit.
  • This event is organized by the Sports Committee with active assistance of staff at the venue that is pre-booked in advance.
  • Sports day can also serve as an educational platform, where participants learn about the rules, strategies, and history of various sports, as well as the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline. Students look forward to this Sporting event and diligently begin their practice much in advance.