Placement plays a crucial role in the career development of students at Anjuman-I-Islam’s CHTMS&R. With appropriate placements, students can gain industry experience and exposure that can help them build a successful career in the hospitality sector. The placement cell at Anjuman-I-Islam’s CHTMS&R works closely with various hospitality firms to identify employment opportunities for students. These opportunities include internships, part-time or full-time positions, and comprehensive management trainee programs. During the placement process, students are required to submit their resumes and participate in interviews with potential employers.

The placement cell also provides valuable assistance in crafting resumes, improving interview skills, and developing effective job search strategies to help students secure the best opportunities. It is important for students to conduct thorough research on potential employers and consider their career objectives before accepting a job offer. By making informed decisions about their placement, students can gain valuable experience, expand their professional network, and position themselves for a successful career in the hospitality sector. Overall, the placement process at Anjuman-I-Islam’s CHTMS&R is designed to help students achieve their career goals and establish themselves as successful professionals in the hospitality industry.

Here are some of the prominent hotels where our students have secured placements:

Our placement partners: