Two well equipped Air-Conditioned Training Restaurants : “Saleequa” & "Savour" helps to enhance style serving techniques. It operates 40 covers each and also has Training Bars to facilitate practical experience to the students. It is well equipped with silverware, glassware, tableware, gueridon trolley and other sophisticated equipment required for quality service. It operates daily during lunch hours with a theme created by the students who function as Managers, Commis, Pantry-In-Charge, Hosts / Hostesses, etc. on a rota basis. It is also a venue for small Conferences, Luncheons, Dinner meetings, Presentations and Interviews all of which are managed by the students. To cater to the increasing demand of restaurant service and to help more students acquire practical experience, we are setting up a second restaurant fully armed with sophisticated equipment necessary for quality service.

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